Lease On-Site

At James River RV and Boat Storage, we make leasing easy through our simple to use touchscreen kiosks.  At these kiosks, you can both make a payment to rent an initial storage unit and make any monthly payments you owe. Using the touchscreen panel, just select any available unit, opt for insurance, then sign the lease and you’re good to move in! All payments and paperwork involved can be finished at the kiosk as well.

Lease Online

Use this form to get your storage unit ready before you even arrive. It’s quick and easy to fill out and you’ll be good to go ahead of time.


PM Storage is a large self-storage facility conveniently located at Highway 160 and Farm Road 107, which is about 7 minutes from James River & Campbell. Our enclosed and canopy storage areas are designed to house your extra business equipment, RVs, and boats. The security of your belongings is very important to us, that’s why we have an automated kiosk that allows entry only to those who have been granted previous access.

Enclosed Storage

Boat & RV Storage